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GLEM(GL Energy Management)

We have an Innovation department where we develop an energy quality management software platform which is integrated into your electrical panels based on IIoT technology, it has a wide set of tools to help you manage your energy management processes. energy, With the help of technologies based on industry 4.0, achieving better energy management at lower costs, maximizing levels of quality and reliability, this software is ideal for taking your industrial process to a new level of digitization and giving correct management. of the new regulation CREG 015

Platform Tools and Utilities

The platform automatically collects electrical data from the meters present in your facilities and also allows analysis of reactive power consumption in accordance with the current regulatory framework in Colombia under CREG 015 resolution. With the help of the software it is possible to extract variables such as:

All these variables are collected through electrical meters. Data can also be extracted from process variables and environmental variables such as:



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